Saturday, December 3, 2011

'The River' - Literary Devices


#Point of view
-Third person
(The use of third person pronoun, 'he')


The speaker catalogs the various qualities of the river carefully.

The meditative tone of the speaker puts the reader into deep thought about the qualities of the river and how it translates to humans.

#Poetic devices

1. End Rhyme
Lines 2 & 4 of every stanza rhymes.
~Stanza 1 : tramp, camp
~Stanza 2 : hill, still
~Stanza 3 : deep, keep
~Stanza 4 : hums, thumbs
~Stanza 5 : along, song
~Stanza 6 : vexed, next


Aural imagery = sense of hearing
'gurgles and hums' (stanza 4, line 2)
'echoes the notes of the song' (stanza 5, lines 3-4)

Visual imagery = sense of sight
'twists and turns' (stanza 2, line 3)
'buries down deep' (stanza 3, line 2)
'dances along' (stanza 5, line 2)
'gobbled up trees' (stanza 6, line 3)

3. Personification
The nature of the river described in the poem has been imparted with the attributes of human qualities such as 'a wanderer, a nomad, a tramp', 'a winder', 'a hoarder', 'a baby', 'a singer' and 'a monster'.

4. Metaphor
The river - man as he journeys through life.

5. Repetition
'The River' - repeated to give emphasis to the subject.

6. Simile
The River is likened to a baby, who sounds 'like he's happily sucking his thumbs'.

7. Symbol
The various qualities of the river are symbolic of the various qualities found in humans.

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