Saturday, November 19, 2011

'The River' - Literal Meaning

*The Title
'The River'
-A fluid thing - the river - is chosen as the title to represent the fluid nature of the river and people.

*Literal Meaning

First Stanza
The river can be found flowing at any place of the earth; therefore it is not exclusive to any one place.

Second Stanza
The river flows around valleys and hills as it cannot be stagnant.

Third Stanza
Objects that are sunk in the river usually tend to stay there.

Fourth Stanza
The sound of the river has a lulling effect.

Fifth Stanza
The sound of the River is much appreciated by many (though more so at the countryside).

Sixth Stanza
The River can be a destructive force which destroys trees and the speaker jokes that the reader may be the river's next victim.

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