Saturday, November 19, 2011

'The River' - Figurative Meaning

Figurative Meaning

The river is a symbol for people. Like a river, people usually do not stay put in one place. This is especially evident in the Diaspora communities found all around the world. Just as the river is able to find a way 'through the valley and hill', people are usually able to move on in spite of their failures and successes. Neither the river not people are able to remain stagnant. Rivers need to flow to new areas and people are constantly entering new phases of their lives. The parallels between the river and people are further extended as both are hoarders who stash away the 'little treasures; that they want to keep. When the river is flowing calmly, the atmosphere is tranquil as evident by its sound which is similar to a baby 'happily sucking his thumbs'. This is an apt reminder for people to learn how to remain calm so that a soothing atmosphere can be maintained. Those who usually enjoy the outdoors are able to take delight in the splendour of the river much like how music lovers take pleasure in attending the concert of their favourite singer. This reminds us that to the world you may just be someone, but to someone, you may be the whole world. The river has its ugly side which is capable of mass destruction and claiming human lives which is not unlike some notorious tyrants known for genocide. 

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