Sunday, October 30, 2011

'I Wonder' - Practice 1

Practice 1

Complete the passage below with suitable words from the poem. 

  In this poem, the persona asks many questions about nature. The wonders why the grass is _____ (1), and why he cannot see the _____ (2) although he can feel it. He is puzzled about who taught the _____ (3) to build their nests and how _____ (4) know when to stop growing. When he does not see the full _____ (5), he wants to know where the missing _____ (6) is. 

  During the day, he cannot see the _____ (7), so he wants to know who _____ (8) them at night and who causes _____ (9) to flash. The persona also wonders how the colourful _____ (10) appears in the _____ (11) and who hangs the fluffy _____ (12) up so high. 
  Finally, the persona wonders why his _____ (13) does not explain these things to him, and questions if his dad really knows the answers. 

Miss 니사: It's too easy, right? See you in Practice 2, then! =P

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