Wednesday, October 19, 2011

'I Wonder' literary devices

I Wonder

  An inquisitive child who has a natural curiosity for the world.

#Point of view
  -First person 
    The title and the first two words of 'I Wonder' show us that the poem is told from a first person point of view.

   The speaker was describing the events that one can see out in the open space.

  The repetition of interrogative wh- words lends an inquisitive tone to 'I Wonder.'

  The inquisitive nature of the speaker incites the feeling of puzzlement in readers as there is a high possibility that many cannot answer the questions posed by the speaker. 

#Poetic Devices

1. Alliteration
 - grass - green
 - birds - build
 - tree  - take a rest

2. Direct speech
    Hearing the speaker's questions first hand gives readers a clearer picture of the challenging time that they will have in answering the speaker's questions thus intensifying the mood of puzzlement.

3. End rhyme
~Stanza 1 : green, seen
~Stanza 2: nest, rest
~Stanza 3: round, found
~Stanza 4: out, about
~Stanza 5: sky, high
~Stanza 6: suppose, knows

4. Imagery
    Visual imagery = sense of sight
    Grass, birds, trees, moon, stars, lightning, rainbows, and clouds. 

5. Personification
~the trees - have the ability to rest
~the stars - have the ability to blow out the light

6. Repetition
   The words, 'why' and 'who' are repeated twice and thrice respectively. The repetition of the interrogative wh- words reinforces that the speaker's curiosity is not just a fleeting fancy but is a matter that constantly bugs the speaker.

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